Wingate’s Pharmacy believes in getting to know our customers one by one. Just as we enjoy meeting and getting to know them, we feel it is equally important to share a little about each of one of us.

Derick Anderson

Derick began his career in pharmacy in 1997 with a part time job at Pelham Pharmacy in Brookline, Ma while attending pharmacy school at Northeastern University. Pelham introduced him to independent pharmacy and the compounding specialty. Derick was able to focus on the compounding skills during several co-op rotations at another local independent pharmacy, J.E. Pierce Apothecary.

During those co-op rotations he was able to learn not only about compounding pharmacy but also about management, teaching, and advocating for your profession under his mentor Steve Grossman. Derick has also served on many professional associations in leadership roles and on Boards of Directors as a way to advocate for quality and professional improvement in compounding pharmacy.

When the time came for Mr. Grossman to sell his store Derick and his wife Kristyn, who is also a pharmacist, purchased the business and quickly worked at growing the compounding specialty. A few years later Mr. Wingate approached Derick and Kristyn to purchase his pharmacy. Both Mr. Wingate and Mr. Anderson new the future of their businesses would be in their specialty business of compounding. In 2013 Wingate’s pharmacy began as a compounding-only pharmacy to focus all their efforts on this aspect of the profession. Derick upgraded facilities, training, and began adding a sub-specialty of nutraceuticals.

Wingate’s pharmacy now operates as a compounding only pharmacy with a nice selection of medical equipment and a growing line of nutritional supplements.